Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

We are so thankful that you want to visit Club C3. The members here have made it the finest place to visit and to make long lasting friends.

Please keep in the mind the following tips to having a good weekend.

Be open-minded Club C3 is a clothing optional venue both the club and the campground and we welcomes all lifestyles and people, age 21 and over. It doesn’t matter your sexual orientation, body type, social status, income, marital status, newbie nudist or whatever. Everyone is welcome
Remember this is a clothing-optional campground You’re not required to be nude, clothed or participate in any activities. Club C3 is whatever you (and your partner) want it to be. You can relax all weekend, go to any event, play volleyball, hangout with other attendees. There isn’t any pressure to do anything. The choice is yours!
Don’t stare/gawk at people! You’ll see all sorts of body types. If you see someone, say hello to them. You’ll be surprised where a hello can take you. After a while, seeing someone in the buff, will become second nature to you.
Always walk with a towel when you’re nude This is for your own personal hygiene and others. After all, when you meet someone, and they invite you to sit and converse with them, you want to be prepared to join in.
No means no! We have all people of all lifestyle backgrounds at Club C3. At any time, you may meet nudists, swingers, bisexual, married and single people, and everyone in between. Everyone is welcome. If someone is asking you to do something you’re not interested in, let them know. Be kind and treat others way you would like to be treated. A polite, that’s “not me/us” will do just fine.
Public Display of Affection Be discrete! Club C3 is a members’ only venne both at the club and campground and most people don’t mind. However, know your surroundings, act accordingly and use common sense. After all, we are all adults.
Camera, cell phone, tablets and computers are not allowed in public areas of the campground (i.e. Pool, Cub House) Yes, it’s OK for you to take pictures of yourself and those you have permission from within the confines of your room or camper. But do not take photos of anyone without their expressed permission. If you must check your messages or email with your cell phone please attach a bright sticker to the phone to cover the camera and make others feel confident that you are not taking pictures.
Bring whatever personal items you’ll need For example, bring towels, sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. The campground will have limited items for sale but remember to bring whatever you need.
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