What to Expect

If you have any questions, please be sure to email us at info@clubc3.com

Please relax and have fun. Our rules are for the safety and comfort of our guests. We hope you enjoy the Freedoms of LuckyLovers Campground / Club C3 and return often!

Gate Pass: Guests with camping permits will have a gate pass. All non-permitted guests must register and be checked in at the gate between 12:00 pm and 9 pm. If you are a non-permitted guest and are arriving before noon or after 9 pm, permission must be granted by management by email to info@clubc3.com. After sending email, do not assume, but wait for a reply email from management.

Towels: Carry a towel with you at all times and ALWAYS SIT ON YOUR TOWEL for sanitary reasons. Never go to someone’s camper and sit naked on their chair, bed, belongings, etc. In other words "Naked butts at a table is a big no-no."

Alcohol: Always exercise MODERATION and discretion when consuming alcoholic beverages.

Behavior: No means no. Share, laugh, talk and just be yourself. Never touch someone without asking first or being invited to.

Cameras: NO CAMERAS, CELL PHONE, LAPTOPS IN PUBLIC AREAS without staff approval or supervision. If you must check your messages or email with your cell phone a bright sticker must be attached to the phone to cover the camera. Most visitors to our campground are camera-shy. NEVER PHOTOGRAPH ANYONE WITHOUT PERMISSION. Check with the office for photography guidelines before taking your camera out. When finished, put your camera away promptly.

Dress: LuckyLovers Campground / Club C3 is Clothing Optional. That means you can be dressed or undressed in any way you desire with no pressure. LINGERIE, UNDERWEAR or SEXY ATTIRE are welcome and encouraged! Whether at the dances, or taking a walk, wear what you want or don’t want to. We do have one stipulation. You need to be covered for the meals or if coming to the Front Gate.

Smoking: Smoking is in designated areas only and at your campsite. Butt cans are provided for smokers. Please do not throw butts on the ground. Due to local fire codes all structures are NON SMOKING INSIDE. This includes the Club House, rest rooms, and Bungalow’s.

Pets: Pets are not permitted in public social areas (i.e. pool area, Cub House, and any congregating public areas). Pets must be leashed and should be taken directly to and from dog walks. Always clean up after your pet. Never take your pet to someone else’s site/space without asking first.

Business: Do not conduct business, sell, or offer to sell any merchandise or services on the resort grounds without permission of the management.

Speed Limit: The speed limit is ten miles per hour throughout the grounds.

Firearms: Firearms are not permitted on the grounds. Even if you have a canceled carry permit you are not allowed to have a firearm at LuckyLovers Campground/Club C3.

Safety: Anything that endangers your own or other’s safety is prohibited.

We invite you to come and enjoy freedom in your own way. There are spots where you can be close to the activities and others that are secluded and cozy. Take your pick and come enjoy the freedom of LuckyLovers Campground / Club C3!

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